All About Wrinkles, its Causes and Effective Steps to Avoid Them


Although everybody is considered as imperfectly perfect, you might want to correct those imperfections. With the advancement in cosmetology, many of you have opted to inject your faces with certain chemicals to improve the look and feel of it.

As we age, our skin ages too. It tends to lose its smooth texture and youthful appearance. Ellanse brings to you a gel consisting of polycaprolactone (PCL) and biodegradable material (CMC), which helps you regain your radiant skin through its easy absorption. Its long-lasting effect works on wrinkles and reverses other signs of aging too.

When the collagen present in the skin is insufficient, 少女針 comes to your rescue. The many types of injections available today help the skin to tighten by replenishing the moisture and promoting a naturally healthy looking skin for a longer period of time.

If you are pondering on getting a 少女, don’t be greedy to go for cheaper alternatives. Choose the professional that will perform the procedure on your face with utmost care. The advantage of choosing a well experienced team of cosmetologists is that it’ll maximize the effect of girl needles.

Let’s have a look at certain aging processes that lead to wrinkles in the first place:

  • Intrinsic Aging

Regardless of the external factors, chronical aging occurs over your lifetime. It simply indicates towards your natural aging process, which can be dictated by your genes. The skin seems to lose elasticity, becomes thinner and tends to produce lesser sebum (oil). These tendencies lead to skin problems such as sagging, wrinkles and pigmentation.

  • Extrinsic Aging

Although, a certain degree of wrinkles are due to the intrinsic aging, most of the wrinkling is a result of the extrinsic aging.Most of the aging here occurs owing to the environmental influences such as- pollution, exposure to sun, smoking, facial expressions, sleeping positions and such others.

We can make a conscious choice to take the following steps towards some of our habits that are negatively affecting our skin:

1. Avoid the sun and start using broad spectrum sunscreen

Between 10 am to 3 pm, minimize the exposure to sun. If necessary, wear protective hats and clothing before stepping out into the scorching heat.

2. Smokers’ lines

Apart from sun damage, this is another culprit for visibly fine lines around the mouth. You should consider joining a cessation program to curb this habit.

3. Avoid repetitive movements

If you are not fond of the crow’s feet, creases over forehead, lines between brows, etc. it can be reversed if repetitive movements are avoided.

4. Sleep positions

To avoid the creases from sleeping positions, change your position to avoid unnecessary pressure on skin.

Apart from above, take a holistic approach to feed your skin with healthy         diet, keep it hydrated and try to manage your stress effectively. This could be the best skincare routine you can follow for healthier looking skin. Also, consistently moisturize and cleanse your face to let your skin breathe freely and shine radiant.

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