Can Silicium Help in Reducing Hair Loss Due to Stress?


Most people are incredibly stressed out these days. Many people are agitated to the point where they want to rip their hair out. It’s normal for most healthy adults to lose 50 to 100 strands of hair per day. We’re always losing old hair and sprouting new ones.

However, if you’re losing too much hair or the number of hair you’re losing appears to abruptly grow then recap for a moment. Is there something that is bothering you? And to your surprise, hair loss and stress go hand in hand.

Apart from Stress Three Conditions That Lead to Hair Loss

Telogen effluvium

This is one of the most typical causes of temporary hair. Stress causes hair follicles to enter a “resting” state, preventing them from producing new hair strands. Hair will fall out more easily over time, even if you’re only washing, touching, or combing it. Poor diet and variations in hormone levels can potentially cause telogen emission.

Research says that Silicium helps in improving hair growth and maintaining hormone balance. When Silicium is reduced in the human body it brings various changes which also include hair loss other than dull skin and brittle nails and bones. Other than eating Silicium-rich food, taking Silicium supplements orally like Fortisil OSA also helps in maintaining overall health.


Generally, when people are stressed out, they pull their hair or move their hands frequently on their scalp, which also damages hair roots. During this condition, people use hair from the scalp, face, and other parts of the body to control unpleasant feelings like tension and worry. Young ladies are the most affected.

The only way to overcome stress and anxiety is by participating in yoga and meditation. Some people may not be a huge fan of yoga, or they may not have time for it, for them trying their favourite hobbies like singing, watching TV, listening to music, knitting, gardening, etc. can also be a stress buster. Along with it taking a healthy diet, including physical exercises and supplements like Fortisil OSA help in improving hair growth.

Alopecia areata

The immune system of your body attacks your hair follicles, causing your hair to fall out. Alopecia can result in thinning hair in some situations, but it can also result in bald spots in others. Hair will grow back after a period, then fall out again. Even though Alopecia is not caused by stress, is a very unpleasant condition to manage.

The only way to reduce the chances of Alopecia is by including a healthy diet in your daily regime. Taking Silicium rich food like green leafy vegetables, green beans, tomatoes, capsicum, etc. helps in improving the immune system. adding protein, carbs, and fats in proper portions also helps in a better immune system.

Silicium plays an important role in regulating hormones and regenerating collagen. If by any chance Silicium is a deficit in hum body, the person will face problems like dull skin, brittle nails, weak bones, and hair loss. Therefore, including Fortisil OSA once or twice a day helps in showing results in 4-6 weeks. Fortisil will help in maintaining the Silicium balance in the body which further helps in great health.

You can buy Fortisil capsules online from any pharmacy or store. Simply go to a search engine and type the nearest store supplying Fortisil. Online is the best way to get your products as you will get various options to compare prices and get the best deal.

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