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Drug abuse is a serious issue that our society faces today. Youngsters are at a highest risk of being addicted to drugs because they are in the growing ages and they are vulnerable to being misguided. Some teenagers start consuming drugs to fit in their social circles while others fall prey to drug abuse due to the abusive behaviour of their peers or parents.

A majority of teens are introduced to drugs under pressure or threat. While the immediate consequences of drug abuse are diabolical in themselves, the allied ramifications are no less threatening. It must be borne in mind that some drugs and some methods of consuming drugs are more harmful than others. 

Drug addiction is a cry for help and drug abusers are no less than medical patients. They require proper care and treatment so that they too can live a normal life just like others. One of the best ways to get rid of drug addiction is to get access to rehabilitation. Before we talk about can you smoke molly, let’s discuss the services of Detox to Rehab. 

Starting with the ambition of building a society free from drugs abuse, they have been helping drug addicts for a long time. They have a team of experienced experts. Quitting drug addiction is an uphill battle wherein you will meet many obstacles, and they will be there for you to overcome every obstacle. 

Drug smoking through aluminum foil

a majority of the addicts to drugs such as cocaine, meth, molly, Ecstacy, etc use foil to smoke them initially. This later transforms into injecting them intravenously. While it is a popularly held misconception that smoking through foil is safe, nothing can be more distant to the truth. Using foils for consuming drugs includes the following risks:

  1. Headaches, migraines.
  2. Excessive cough.
  3. Lung issues.
  4. Cognitive impairment.
  5. Exposure to toxins present in the foil. 

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