Dental Veneers- Answering All The Common Questions!


If you are considering getting dental veneers to cover up all the imperfections present in your teeth, it is suggested to be aware of all the basics related to it. A lot of patients tend to experience anxiety and doubts regarding the process of tooth replacement in Phoenix

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about dental veneers and their answers to resolve the doubts about it. 

  • What is meant by dental veneer?

A veneer is a thinly made shell composed of material that looks like teeth. They are stuck to the surface of teeth to cover up all of the dental imperfections and improve their overall appearance.   

  • How many kinds of veneers are available?

There are generally two types of material available in the market regarding the nearest. Veneers are made up of porcelain and composite resin. Composite veneers are created with the help of raising material. After some shaping, the veneer is stuck to the tooth surface to improve its overall look. Porcelain veneers are created in labs. They are stain resistant and give a better appearance than other veneer materials. 

  • Which is a better choice – composite or porcelain veneers?

It is suggested to consult with a prosthodontist regarding the material suitable for you. If you require minor alterations without significant difficulties in your teeth’ functioning, cosmetic bonding is perfect for your teeth. Porcelain veneers are way better if your teeth are discolored or chipped or you face bruxism. It depends on your case’s specifics and your teeth’ requirements.

  • What purposes are served by dental veneers?

Dental veneers help correct teeth issues like discoloration, chipping, misalignment, uneven spacing, and improper shaping of the teeth. They help to provide a better look and increase the confidence and self-esteem of the patients.

  • What are the pros of dental veneers?

Veneer helps the preservation of tooth structure as the process does not involve the removal of the teeth. The veneers can be added with minimal change in the original teeth structure. Along with that, they help in enhancing the appearance of your smile without causing any issues to the gum tissues. The patients can choose to get customized veneers that suit the color and structure of the original teeth. They are also resistant to staining food items. If you face difficulty in smiling due to the embarrassment of the uneven structure of your teeth, you can benefit a lot from veneers. 

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