Effective Ways to Encourage Customers to Try New CBD & Delta 8 Products


There is a growing demand for CBD and Delta 8 products due to the explosion in hemp-based products. Many wholesale distributors, such as Island Products, have increased their product offerings for retail. The new products help retailers keep their customers satisfied with new products. They also allow them to keep their product lines fresh and interesting.

Retailers are often asked how to get customers to try new CBD or Delta 8 products. Here are seven suggestions that will help you do just that.

#1: Create a Sample Bar Event

Sample bar events are a great way to introduce new products to your customers. These events also promote brand awareness and goodwill within your local community. Potential clients find these events very educational and can put a face to your products. These events are ideal for anyone who is interested in trying new CBD or Delta 8 products, as well as those who have not tried hemp-derived products before. These events can also be used as a marketing tool and a way to grow your email list. We have some great ideas for hosting a successful sample bar event.

#2: Organize a Contest

You can create an email contest to invite people to participate in a local sample bar, or other event. Online contests are possible even if you don’t have a physical storefront. You can use either one to promote your products. The prize for the lucky winners is the product that you have just introduced. You might have some new products, so why not create an amazing assortment basket for a prize?

#3: Every shipment comes with a small free sample

Everyone loves free samples! Why not give away a small sample of the new product with every order that you ship from your shop? By giving out free samples, you can introduce existing customers to new products. Include a brochure or flyer with lots of information about the product. You might even offer a discount for those who order the product within a specified time frame.

#4: Create a sample package

A sample package allows you to include as many items as you want in one package. You can set the package price, but here are some ideas:

  • You can only have three items in a small package. This can be offered for free or as a small payment in exchange for an email account.
  • This medium package contains a few items at a low price. This package is great for Gen Zs and Millenials who love to experiment with new products based on current trends.
  • This large package contains your favorite items and some new ones. This can be priced with a discount and is a great way for you to sell the product while also introducing the new item.

It is important to encourage customers to sign up for your mailing list at checkout.

#5: Work with Local Businesses

Partnering with local businesses can be a great way for you to promote your products if you own a physical storefront. There are likely to be new products offered by other local businesses. You can team up with other businesses to create a sample package each business can promote. Cross-promoting will increase awareness for each business’s products and attract new customers. Cross-promoting can also drive loyal customers to your business and non-competitors to you. It is important to partner with brands who share the same values as you: selling trusted, high-quality goods, for instance.

This article was written by Island Products. Island Products provides white label hemp products. Our formulas and procedures are all designed with purity and safety of the customers in mind. Whether you are expanding your current business or starting a new one, let Island Products bring your ideas to life! ​Choose from a variety of cannabinoids in a variety of forms to diversify and refine each and every product in your brand. Island Products offers cannabinoids including but not limited to: Delta-8 THC, Delta-10 THC, CBD, and more.

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