Feeling Drunk From Mouthwash – What To Know 


Alcohol abusers cannot withstand their thirst for liquor and end up finding anything that can help them quench their thirst. When they cannot afford an actual alcoholic beverage, they will look for the alternatives such as the liquids that have alcoholic content in them. One such liquid that has become the best alternative for alcoholics is mouthwash. 

Even though mouthwash is not the best alternative for alcohol, drinking it can cause intoxication and also some side effects. So, does mouthwash get you drunk or not? Instead of trying to find the answer to this question, it is suggested to take help from the Detox to IV Therapy Dubai community. This group helps the people under the clutches of addiction towards the right path. 

Why Mouthwash 

Here are some reasons that attract alcoholics towards drinking mouthwash. 

  • Less noticeable in a person, when someone drinks mouthwash and attends any social gathering 
  • Lower cost 
  • No age restrictions to buying it 

Alcohol purchasing comes with many restrictions including the requirement for you to be not less than 21 years of age. Some people cannot afford to purchase alcohol as they are costlier than mouthwash, and finally, alcohol abusers need not worry about whether the alcohol is legalized in their state or not with mouthwash purchase. 

Who Prefer Mouthwash 

A particular group of alcoholics prefers taking mouthwash instead of alcohol. Such groups of people are the teenagers or the ones that are suffering from the disorder of alcohol usage. 

When looking through the medical reports of the alcoholics in hospitals, the research team concluded that the maximum percentage of the patients were hospitalized because of drinking mouthwash and suffering from the side effects caused by the liquid. 

The effects of drinking mouthwash can cause some side effects such as multiple organ failure, blindness, liver failure, alcohol poisoning, death in extreme cases, gastrointestinal damage, and so on. 

People that cannot find alcohol in their house will look for alternatives that can offer a sense of relief. When you notice someone in such a condition, it is suggested to take them to the detox center as early as possible. 

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