Five Long-Term Impacts of an Untreated TMJ Disorder


A temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder is painful, so a sufferer should not keep living with it.  Otherwise, the disorder and pain can reduce their quality of life and put their future at risk. If you are suffering from this disorder, you need to seek treatment for TMJ in Los Gatos as soon as possible. An untreated TMJ disorder can lead to the following long-term effects:

Chronic Jaw Pain

An untreated TMJ disorder can result in symptoms that can worsen, including jaw pain. If you fail to deal with this pain right away, you could suffer from it constantly for a long time. Keep in mind that pain occurs as your body indicates that something is not right. Ignoring this pain can result in debilitating chronic pain that can be hard to treat. 

Sleep Apnea

Often, TMJ disorder results from a misaligned bite. Over time, this can negatively affect your airway, resulting in sleep apnea. In this case, your brain does not get enough oxygen, resulting in poor sleep, headaches, and brain fog. This can put in more serious health risks such as heart failure, high blood pressure, depression, and stroke. 

Recurring Headaches and Migraines

If you leave your TMJ disorder untreated, you may experience headaches or migraines that tend to get worse. This is possible because the TMJ joint connects your jaw to the skull. The muscles that surround the TMJ span across the skull to the back and neck. A TMJ inflammation can impact the adjacent muscles and cause headaches. If you ignore these symptoms and your TMJ disorder, over-the-counter drugs may not help ease your headaches.

Dental Health Problems

Usually, TMJ disorders occur alongside teeth clenching and grinding. Eventually, teeth clenching and grinding will wear your teeth down and cause fractures or cracks. When this happens, you can suffer from receding gums and require restorative dentistry.

Reduced Quality of Life

If not treated promptly, a TMJ disorder will leave you experiencing all kinds of painful symptoms that can significantly affect your quality of life. Constant pain and headaches can cause you to take some time off of work, avoid social interactions, and stay in bed. In addition, if you suffer from jaw pain, you may not be able to enjoy your favorite foods. So, if you have a TMJ disorder that is affect your quality of life, ensure you schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.  

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