How Dental Crowns Can Provide You with Stable Teeth in Maryville


Losing even one tooth can result in further oral health and self-esteem issues. A missing tooth is not attractive, and it can lead to bone atrophy. Also, it can cause the teeth on either side of the gap to shift towards it. Although these issues can be addressed with conventional restoration options, only dental implants can restore your teeth’s natural function and look. 

Whether you want to replace a worn bridge or an unstable denture, your Maryville dentist can provide you with a stable implant-retained prosthetic. Implant-supported restoration treatments can be completed for months; however, you will enjoy the results for years.  With dental implants, you can say goodbye to wobbly dentures and adjustable prosthetics. Keep reading to know your options for dental implants:

Dental Implants and Crowns

If you have lost one tooth, your dentist can surgically place an implant in your jaw to replace the missing tooth. After the implant heals, a crown is made to match your neighboring teeth. Your crown can be made out of different materials. But porcelain is a famous option since it matches your enamel’s color and luster. With a dental crown and implant, your remaining natural teeth do not have to be changed. 

Implant-Supported Bridge

A dental bridge spans the teeth gap. You can benefit from an implant-retained bridge if you have lost more than one tooth; however, did not lose a whole dental arch. If the tooth loss is in the smile zone, your dentist will make special aesthetic considerations. 

Losing anterior teeth can make you feel embarrassed about your smile. In general, the front teeth are not subject to constant chewing the way molars do. Thus, they can be restored with cosmetically pleasing options. Porcelain provides a lot of lifelike features and qualities. Your dentist can color-match the material to blend in with natural teeth.  When the restoration is fitted, nobody would know you went through a restorative procedure. 

With an implant-supported bridge, your natural teeth do not need to support the prosthetic. Traditional dental bridges need to be adjusted periodically and your teeth may not be able to support them forever. But dental implants are made to last forever.

Implant-Retained Dentures

Removable dentures tend to be unstable. They can make it hard for you to eat and speak, which can affect your quality of life over time. Thankfully, dental implants can support both full and partial dentures. 

If you are missing the majority of your teeth, you may want to have the rest of your teeth extracted, particularly if they have already decayed. An implant-retained denture can help regain the natural function of your teeth. 

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