How long should you use HCG diet drops for?


The HCG diet involves taking hormonal drops multiple times per day while consuming just 500 calories. This extreme approach yields fast results, with many losing over a pound daily. But with such rapid weight loss, it’s crucial to use HCG drops safely and judiciously. 

The 3 phases of the hcg diet 

The HCG diet plan involves 3 distinct phases:

  • Loading Phase: For 2 days, you eat plenty of fats and calories to boost energy stores before restricting intake.
  • Low-Calorie Diet Phase: You consume just 500 calories daily from lean proteins, non-starchy veggies, and some fruit while taking HCG drops. This phase lasts for 23 days, though can last up to 40 days.
  • Maintenance Phase: HCG drops cease after you slowly increase caloric intake back to normal levels over 3-4 weeks. It prevents rapid weight regain.

So how long should you stay on the restrictive 500-calorie portion of the diet while taking HCG drops?

Minimum hcg diet drop duration

At a bare minimum, you should follow the 500-calorie HCG diet protocol for 23 days while taking your HCG drops. 

  • It takes approximately 3 weeks for your body to adjust to severely restricted calories and enter ketosis for maximum fat burning.
  • You need adequate time for HCG to build up sufficiently in your system to have an effect.
  • Less than 3 weeks may yield disappointing weight loss results.
  • Side effects like headaches and fatigue fade after the first couple weeks once the body has adapted.

Unless you have an urgent deadline, a 23-day stint should be the shortest HCG diet drop duration you consider.

Ideal hcg diet drop duration  

For most dieters who want substantial weight loss, sticking with the 500-calorie plan for longer produces better results. The sweet spot is:

  • 30-40 days on HCG drops and 500 calories daily.

Benefits of a 30-40 day HCG diet round include:

  • Losing up to 2 pounds per day consistently, especially if you have considerable weight to shed. The longer you diet, the better momentum you build.
  • Maximizing fat released from stubborn problem areas throughout your body.
  • Eliminating cravings for sugars, carbs, and unhealthy foods which takes 4+ weeks.
  • Establishing sustainable healthy eating habits you continue post-diet.
  • Unless your doctor advises otherwise, 30-40 days is an ideal duration to reap the rewards of HCG diet drops.

Maximum safe duration of hcg diet drops 

You might take original hcg diet drops in Toronto and eat just 500 calories daily for even longer than 40 days if you still have significant weight left to lose. However, this comes with health risks:

  • Muscle loss and nutritional deficiencies from prolonged calorie restriction.
  • Decreased immunity and hormone imbalance from HCG overuse.
  • A greater chance of burnout and bingeing.

No matter how much weight you need to shed, it’s inadvisable to exceed 40 days consecutively on the restrictive HCG diet phase. 




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