Is It Safe To Buy Psychedelics With Crypto?


Cryptocurrency is decentralized and people can conceal their privacy. They can enjoy online gambling or pay for a bag of magical mushrooms or substances anonymously. If you are planning to use your USDT wallet to buy psychedelics then it is not safe. Researchers at Qatar University have published a report that how easy it is to rake up years-old evidence of old BTC transactions, where payments were not carefully laundered. They had connected the back-channel links to several specific buyers’ names and locations. 

Bitcoin uses blockchain technology and every transaction is on a public ledger. Researchers reported that improving privacy practices cannot erase old evidence from the World Wide Web, especially when the proof is captured in an unalterable blockchain record. It is better to use a safe way of buying or selling psychedelics rather than using crypto.

Instead of buying psychedelics, you can grow magical mushrooms at home. It is easy and you can enjoy a bountiful harvest. 

Magic mushrooms are a kind of fungi that comprise psilocybin, a psychoactive compound. The chemical binds with serotonin receptors in your brain and induces the good feel effect called a ‘trip’. Psilocybin mushrooms have been used for centuries but currently are categorized as Schedule I substances and illegal in a majority of countries and regions. 

Fortunately, research has reported the potential of mushrooms in therapies and the situation is changing. In several cities in the US magical mushrooms are decriminalized but accessing them is still hard. Therefore many people want to learn how to grow shrooms at home.

  • Disinfect the nail and hammer. Use them to punch 4 evenly spaced holes across the circumference of the jar lids.
  • Prepare the substrate in a bowl. Add 2/3rd cup of vermiculite with 1/4th cup of water per jar. Do away with excess water in any disinfected strainer. Now, add 1/4th cup of brown rice flour/jar and mix.
  • Loosely pack the jars with a substrate to ½” below rims. Rub alcohol on exposed glass and top of with some dry vermiculite.
  • Cover the jar with foil and tightly screw the lids, so that water does not enter while steaming slowly for 90 minutes in a pan. Allow the jars to cool overnight.
  • Heat the 12cc spore syringe needle and after it cools wipe it with rubbing alcohol. Don’t touch it. 
  • Remove foil and insert syringe through one hole in the lid and inject 1/4cc of spore solution.
  • Clean the needle with rubbing alcohol and repeat with other homes.
  • Cover holes with micro tape.

Now, you have to keep the jars at room temperature away from direct sunlight. After a couple of weeks, you will see white mycelium appear and after 4 weeks half jars will successfully have colonies. If any jar shows contamination signs dispose of them outside in a secure bag. 

Prepare fruiting chamber

It is a large plastic box, where you add 4 to 5layers of perlite soaked in water and drained. Remove substrate cakes from jars carefully and rinse them to eliminate loose vermiculite. Leave the cakes to rehydrate for 24 hours under the water surface. 

Remove them and roll the cakes in dry vermiculite. Transfer them to a fruiting chamber at even spaces. Mist with a spray bottle and before you close the container fan them for some time with the lid. The mushrooms will be ready to harvest within 8 to 12 days. Harvest them before the veil breaks. 


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