Key Characteristics of the Autoflowering Seeds


Autoflowering seeds like banana kush are a hybrid variety of weed plants.

If you like to grow weed plants indoors or in a greenhouse, this article contains useful information for you. We will tell you about the characteristics of autoflower seeds.

Growers can often find Autoflower weed seeds at many online cannabis seed banks. They offer an opportunity to grow marijuana without changing the photoperiod and reaching the flowering stage.

Benefits of growing autoflower seeds. 

The main advantages of growing autoflower seeds are:

– No need to change the photoperiod;

– The ability to grow weed in winter makes it a great option, when it is not possible to carry out outdoor cultivation.

– The ability to monitor the weed plants and apply additional care at any stage of development.

Traits of an autoflowering plant

Autoflowering seeds are a hybrid variety of weed plants.

They grow quite rapidly and do not require any special care. This is a great advantage for beginners in cannabis cultivation, as well as for those who have limited time or energy. The simplest and least demanding autoflower seeds can be planted practically on any substrate, including the soil, coco coir or hydroponics.

What are autoflowering weeds, and what traits of their growth make them unique? How do you grow these weed plants? Today we will tell you all about it.

[1] Better planning

Autoflowering weed seeds are a hybrid strain that makes it possible to arrange weed cultivation throughout the year, even during winter. Autoflowering weed seeds are a hybrid variety of weed plants. This is the main characteristic feature of this type of weed seed.

[2] No dependence on lighting

When growing autoflower seeds, you do not need to change the photoperiod. This allows you to grow weed in winter when it is impossible to carry out outdoor cultivation. Autoflower crops can be grown indoors, in greenhouses and indoor gardens in any season. The autoflowering marijuana does not need special care throughout its growth and maintenance. At maturity, it is possible to harvest marijuana with a small number of stalks (fewer than seven), so it can be removed from the surface and dried or smoked without being affected by pests, diseases and other factors that affect outdoor cultivation.

[3] Better harvesting possible

A survey of the crop is carried out at any stage of growth, which makes it possible to remove unnecessary branches and remove them from the surface before maturation. You can monitor the crop at any stage of growth and apply additional care at any time (for example, watering, fertilizing or pruning the cannabis plant).

Autoflower crops like banana kush are very easy to grow. This is perhaps why even newbie cultivators can grow the seeds and expect to get high quality and quantity of yield with minimal effort.

This is what you need to know about Autoflowering seeds and their characteristics.


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