Look Into This World with An Optimistic Approach Through Glasses & contacts And No Eye Problem


The eyes are one of the most crucial parts of the human body. It helps us enjoy the beauty of the world. But with the increase in UV radiation, our eyes have been suffering a lot. Almost everyone is on their mobile phone or laptop screen. Because of work at home, everybody is always sitting in front of the desktop. It has taken a toll on everybody’s eyesight. A child now knows how to use a mobile phone. Hence all these factors have been affecting people’s eyesight. The youngest to the oldest is wearing glasses.

Glasses are easy to handle. With the latest materials, it is difficult to get scratched. Contact lenses are popular. It gives the people different looks with different colors of contacts. Glasses & contacts are helpful one way or another. These measures help to rectify the eyesight. It also saves from harmful UV rays. Poor vision can hinder daily work. These make us look into this world with a clear vision.

With age, people develop eye problems. As the muscles of the eyes get weak, so does the eye lens? Hence Glasses & contacts for these people are crucial. It helps them do the daily work smoothly. It also reduced the risk of getting injured. Thus, good eyesight makes a person feel independent. A child can get born with an eye problem. Not every issue is acquired. Some of the eye problems are genetic as well. Some of these can get developed due to unhealthy or stressful pregnancies.

One should take care of their eyes. People should wear Glasses & contacts when having poor eyesight. Otherwise, it can get worsen. People should use their mobile phones at least 25 cm away from their eyes. Regular eye checkups are crucial. Giving your eyes rest is a must. Eating healthy meals also helps with good eyesight. There should be proper lighting in the room while looking at the screen.

People should not spend a lot of time on the screen. One should not use phones in a moving vehicle. Maintaining the health of the eyes is, in turn, taking care of our brain. It makes the brain more active. Constant crying can hinder eyesight. Hence, emotions need to get taken care of by a person.

It helps to make a person more productive. The learning ability will also get improved. Hence it enhances the lifestyle of a person. Good eyesight makes us much more optimistic. It all needs to get highlighted amongst people. It helps to improve the mental health of a person. Good eyesight makes us conscious of our environment.

An eye problem can get worse if not taken care of by the individual. Sometimes it can lead to premature blindness. Eyes help us track our paths. Hence should get checked. A nutritious diet also helps with healthy eyesight. General awareness is crucial.

E = Evaluate

Y= Your

E= Environment

S= Strategically

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