My dentures have become loose: What Should I do?


Dentures are one of the most common and affordable solutions to replace lost teeth. They restore functionality as well as the aesthetics of your smile. However, dentures can get loose with time due to multiple factors and create a challenging situation for you. If you have dentures, it becomes important to know what to do in case of loose dentures. 

According to dentists in Kelowna BC, the eight things to do if your denture becomes loose are: 

Consult Your Dentist: If you notice that your dentures are becoming loose, you should see your dentist shortly thereafter. Dental professionals may assess the fit of your dentures, examine your oral health, and decide on a future plan-of-action accordingly.

Consider Soft Foods: While you’re working with your dentist to solve the problem, choose soft foods that are simpler to chew. This can help you avoid discomfort and maintain healthy nutrition.

Avoid DIY Fixes: While it may be easy to employ over-the-counter items or DIY ways to repair loose dentures, these methods should be avoided altogether. They can inflict additional harm and annoyance. Always seek the advice of a dental professional.

Denture Adhesives: Denture adhesives can be used to enhance the fit of loose dentures temporarily. These adhesives form a seal between the denture and your gums for better stability. They should, however, only be used as instructed and never as a substitute for appropriate denture maintenance.

Denture Adjustment: Your orthodontist may advise you to modify your existing dentures for a better fit. This could involve altering the shape or size of your dentures to accommodate changes in your oral anatomy. 

Relining: The curves of your gums and jawbone might change over time, resulting in loose dentures. Relining is the process of adding material to the underside of a denture base to improve fit and comfort. Depending on your requirements, you can choose between temporary and permanent relining.

Denture Replacement: If your dentures are severely worn or no longer fit well, your dentist may advise you to obtain a new set. Dental technology advancements have resulted in more comfortable and natural-looking dentures.

Implant-Supported Dentures: Consider implant-supported dentures for a more stable and resilient alternative. Dental implants are surgically implanted in your jawbone and serve as denture anchors. 

Loose dentures can really give you a hard time, but thankfully, modern dentistry has multiple ways to fix this problem. If your dentures are getting loose, be mindful of these above-mentioned tips and consult your dentist immediately.

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