Reasons Why You Should Switch To Using Beeswax Candles

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More and more people are using Beeswax candles these days, as they offer many more benefits when compared to normal wax candles. Even though these candles are comparatively expensive than the regular ones, the benefits that they offer outweigh the price tags.

Beeswax is 100 % natural, as they are secreted from the abdominal glands of worker bees from the genus Apis. The glandular sizes of the bees are bigger when they are about 10 to 18 days old, which is when they produce high quantities of wax. Even though the original wax is colourless when secreted, they turn slightly yellow due to the presence of pollen oil and propolis. 

Now let us see why people prefer Beeswax candles –

  • Free from chemicals – As mentioned above, this wax is available naturally, but some brands add chemicals during the manufacturing of products. It is always better to buy 100% natural products instead of the ones that are processed with chemicals. Read the label on the products carefully before purchasing.
  • Longer burning time – When compared to paraffin and soy candles, beeswax candles burn for a longer duration, so it helps the users to negate the higher cost by offering better durability.
  • No black soot – It does not produce any kind of soot while being burnt, nor does it make any stains on the walls close by. 
  • No allergens – Typically, these products are not fragranced with artificial chemicals, which is why they are practically harmless. Hence, it is the best option for people who are allergic to paraffin candles.
  • Burns brightly – These beeswax candles burn more brightly when compared to the other types. They create a magical ambiance to your rooms with stronger illumination.
  • Create a relaxing atmosphere – There is something about these candles that create warmth and a relaxing environment when they glow. It can help you greatly in relaxing your mind and reducing stress.
  • Smell great – As already mentioned above, these candles do not require any additional fragrances, as they smell great naturally. 

Safety tips – 

Although these candles are perfectly safe to use, you will need to be careful about a few things.

  • Don’t leave them burning candles unattended, especially if you have toddlers and little kids at home.
  • Make sure that there are no other flammable objects like curtains and deodorants close by when you use them.
  • Remove the stickers on them before using them, as they could contain chemicals.
  • Keep them away from ventilation points like doors, open windows, A/C ducts, etc.
  • If the extending wicks are longer, you could trim them to about a quarter of an inch to prevent them from making overly big flames.

While storing, keep them away from direct exposure to sunlight, and store them preferably in a cool and dry space. You can find the best beeswax candles at some of the reputed online stores. These organic products are truly worth the money, as they will bring about positive energy to your homes.

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