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Role Of Vitamin E to the Hair and Lose Weight


All people who want healthy hair and a physically fit body will be achieved through natural remedies. To have a healthy you, you can improve your health, which goes to everything. Hair Care needs and routine helps maintain a shiny and silky look naturally. 

Tips to have naturally healthy hair

Hair health is the goal of everyone. But, making the strides to better hair health seemed quite tiring. Thankfully, keeping healthy hair is about creating a solid foundation of healthy habits. In most cases, healthy habits can be quite easy to embrace. Some healthy hair habits and tips help your natural hair feel and look stronger and healthier. 

Vitamin E for hair growth

Vitamin E supports healthy scalp and hair. It has a natural antioxidant effect that assists with maintaining hair growth. The antioxidant properties of the vitamin help reduce oxidative stress and free radicals, causing hair follicle cells in the scalp to break down.


Vitamin E helps prevent hair loss as well. Vitamin E components can improve hair growth more than placebo. Although a placebo is known for its health benefits to the hair, still vitamin E works faster. It can also help increase the natural shine when damaged. These can damage the hair:

  • Chemicals
  • Heat
  • Other styling products


A person restores shine using oils, providing an extra layer of protection to the hair and skin. Yes, you read it right, vitamin E has a lot of health benefits on the skin as well. One reason why people have skin problems is due to loosened skin caused by excess fats.

Lose weight naturally

Start to reduce oxidative stress. Weight loss can be achieved with Vitamin E, which regulates the body’s metabolism. Yes, it leads to burn fat. Unluckily, people with obesity have a hard time absorbing vitamin E, which doesn’t mean a supplement helps with losing weight. 


Vitamin E has several health benefits but doesn’t help drop weight. Calorie rules! Losing weight boils down to a simple formula – calories in vs. calories out. 


Burn more calories than take in losing weight. To help you lose weight, vitamin E works on burning more calories naturally. Now, there is no evidence to recommend that it can. 

Benefits of infusing Vitamin E into your diet

The chance of getting enough vitamin E from your diet is a fat-soluble vitamin. It means you store it in fat cells for later use. It means you must eat fatty foods to enhance vitamin E levels. Here are other edibles that are high in antioxidants, such as:

  • Sunflower seeds
  • Almonds
  • Peanuts


When you decide to supplement with this vitamin E, avoid taking a high dose because the body can’t easily get rid of it. It may not be necessary to take vitamin E, yet many have claimed that it has a lot of hair and skin benefits. 


Although many find vitamin E disappointing, many claim they can maintain healthy and younger skin. Some people who have been taking it for a long time are enjoying smooth and younger-looking skin.



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