Same Day Crowns Versus Traditional Crowns as Per Concord Dentist


Damaged teeth cause pain and self-consciousness. Extensive damage may rule out fillings. A dental crown is optimal – it safeguards, restores function, and enhances a smile. The usual process may spread over a week, with multiple visits for lab-made crowns. So, why not finish in one visit, avoiding back-and-forth with traditional crowns?

Alliance Dental Group has many experienced dentists doing Concord dental care practice who can offer you both traditional and same-day crowns. Let us try to compare these two types of crowns in this post.

Same day crowns

The following are the pros and cons of same-day crowns:


  1. If you want convenience, this is the best choice as you need no temporary crown or wait for the permanent one, which may take weeks.
  2. With a single dentist visit, you can obtain your crown.
  3. You will also benefit from more comfort as you will need fewer injections.
  4. Also, your dentist will use a digital scanner instead of uncomfortable traditional impressions to make a crown model. 
  5. No chance of your teeth decaying in the future


  1. The crown is typically weaker and more vulnerable to damage.
  2. While they may appear natural and fit your teeth well, you need to spend a little more time getting accustomed.
  3. It may not be appropriate for all patients. 

Traditional crowns

The following are the pros and cons of traditional crowns:


  1. Traditional crowns are likely much stronger since they are usually made in a lab. You can get traditional crowns made of metal or porcelain.
  2. Another benefit is that they look more natural than same-day crowns; with porcelain or ceramic, you can get a more accurate tooth color to match your other teeth.


  1. One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional crowns is that you have to wait. You need to make multiple dental appointments.
  2. Even if you get a temporary crown till your crown is made in the lab, the temporary option will not be too comfortable because of a poorer fit. 

Your final decision will depend on your preferences for affordability, quality, comfort, and convenience in a crown.


Same-day crowns can appeal to you if you want a quick answer and are okay with the material and durability limitations. Traditional crowns are a suitable alternative if you don’t mind making two sessions but want more customization possibilities for a tooth that can withstand greater wear and tear.

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