Should Misplacing a Filling or Crown Be Treated as Dental Emergency?


Losing a crown or filling is quite upsetting. However, at least 1 out 5 people often face this problem. Wear and tear, as well as increased decay, can cause crowns to fall off. They will be lost if you are injured in sports or a car accident, clench or grind your teeth, or chew something hard. Knowing it’ll happen, should give you enough time to contact a dentist for repairing when you lose a crown or filling.

The Hekmat Family Dental Clinic is also known for its dental emergency services. Dr. Reza Hekmat has 28 years of experience, which makes him a specialized emergency dentist Rancho Bernardo. If the crown has fallen out of the mouth, you should make an appointment with Dr. Reza immediately. Being an emergency dental clinic, the office has all facilities, tools, and equipment that are required during emergencies.

Many of them would like to know if losing a crown or filling is an emergency that requires immediate attention or can it wait a few days? It may not be a dental emergency, but the filling that was protecting your damaged tooth is no longer in its position. This means, the part tooth is exposed to all sorts of dangers. Hence, when a situation like this occurs, an individual should follow these steps –

Do Not Swallow 

If a filling or crown falls out or cracks, you’ll notice that there’s a hard object in your mouth. Instead of biting or swallowing it, you should spit it out. You can sometimes break a crown while chewing food and accidentally swallow it. This isn’t the end of the world, and it should pass without causing any harm. However, it is always advisable to try to preserve it. In certain circumstances, you’ll be able to put the original back in, saving you time and money of having to make a new one, but you’ll need to take out the filling and store it somewhere safe.

Protect Tooth

Losing a filling or crown is painful, and you’ll experience discomfort when you eat, drink, or feel cold air pass over the exposed tooth. If your crown is unharmed, you may be able to reattach it with a tiny amount of dental cement, which is readily available at most drugstores. Simply place the crown back in place after cleaning your tooth. If a crown or filling breaks, you can use dental cement or dental wax to temporarily repair the problem. These options should help protect your tooth from further damage until you can see an emergency dentist.

Contact Dentist

Even though a missing filling or crown isn’t a medical emergency, still your emergency dentist 4S Ranch will want to see you as soon as possible to repair or replace your dental work. Whether you can implant your existing crown or need a replacement crown or filling, it’s critical to act quickly if you want to avoid major dental issues and maintain your dental health.

There’s no need to rush to the ER or call your dentist in the middle of the night. While you undoubtedly want to fix the problem, you can call your dentist’s office in the morning to book an appointment for repair or replacement.

Tips To Follow During a Dental Emergency

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