Three Tips to Help You Pick the Right Toothbrush for You


Toothbrushes are not made equal, so they do not brush the same. This is the reason you need to pick the right toothbrush for your mouth by considering some factors. Aside from the design of the toothbrush, you should also consider its ability to be recycled. Today, Nada recyclable toothbrush heads are available to replace your old toothbrush heads, allowing for sustainable toothbrushing. By picking a recyclable toothbrush with the right design, you keep your mouth and the environment healthy. The following are some tips to help you make the right choice:

Pick the Right Brush Head Size

Did you know that the toothbrush head can impact the quality of brushing? Brush heads are available in various sizes; however, the ideal size must be 1.5 inches tall and 1 inch wide. With this design, you can clean the front, top, and back of the teeth, ensuring maximum cleaning. Although you can find bigger brush heads, they do not work for a lot of people. The reason is that they can make it hard to clean hard-to-reach places in the mouth such as the molars. In addition, invest in a toothbrush that is easy to grip. Find one that has a handle long enough to hold in your hand comfortably. 

Think About the Kind of Bristles

Toothbrush bristles can be soft, medium, or hard. A toothbrush that has medium or hard bristles can damage your gums, the enamel, and the root surface. Soft bristles tend to bend down while brushing, so they do not damage your teeth while effectively doing their job.

In addition, the tip of the bristles can be rounded or straight, which can affect your oral health. Straight bristles may leave your clean feeling clean because their sharp tips may cut your gums, increasing the possibility of inflammation and infection. Thus, you must invest in a toothbrush that has rounded bristles. These bristles will protect your gums, making them an ideal choice if you have sensitive gums.

Pick Between Manual and Electric Toothbrush

Picking a manual or electric toothbrush is a personal preference. Both options can effectively clean your teeth. The most important thing is that you pick a toothbrush that can let you comfortably brush your teeth for two minutes, twice every day. 

Battery- and electricity-powered toothbrushes tend to cost more than their manual counterparts. Meanwhile, they can be worth the cost if they can thoroughly clean your teeth. 

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