Varieties of Shampoos For Hair Care


Most of us think that all the shampoos available in the market are the same, but this is not true. Brands develop different categories, considering problems such as hair fall, damage & breakage. Hair texture varies among individuals depending on their genetics, diet, and the places they come from. Different countries have their climatic conditions, so these shampoos should meet this criterion for effective results.

Raw materials commonly used in making shampoo are water, foam boosters,  surfactants, thickeners, conditioning agents, preservatives & modifiers. Shampoo was created to replace soaps or bars, as the dust & dirt cannot be removed just by washing through the water.  Regular soaps are harsh on the hair, and it has some additional cleansing agents that clear out the surface.

In order to choose the best shampoo for hair growth, there are specific parameters we have to look after:-

  • Age Factor: Different shampoos are made for babies as their scalps are too smooth, whereas with aging adults’ scalp surfaces get stiffer, so they can use heavy conditioning shampoo.
  • Scalp Type: Different scalp types are oily, dry, and itchy. Know your scalp type and use a shampoo accordingly.
  • Type of hair: Distinct hair types like curly, straight, fizzy, and wavy. So, brands develop products considering these hair types.
  • Budget Friendly: Washing your hair falls under daily needs, so people do not want to invest vast amounts of money. They look for budget-friendly shampoos that do not compromise the quality of their hair.
  • Composition: Elements and compounds are crucial factors in picking any shampoo. People may contract allergies using some ingredients if they do not check the label correctly. Always try to look out for options having natural components.
  • Gender: Men’s and women’s hair has different growth patterns; hair care products are designed to regrow hair for men and women by providing essential protein to their hair.

Let’s look at the varieties of shampoos:-

Regular Shampoo

These fall under the daily-use shampoos; these can be suitable for all hair types and made for everyday purposes. Usually, people with no specific requirements prefer to use it. Also, mild cleaning elements make it more viable for all-purpose shampoo.

Protein Shampoo

Keratin, an essential protein that helps in hair growth, is the primary ingredient for this shampoo. People with concerns about hair falling, thinning, and too much breakage can use it. These are made up of hydrolyzed keratin and other plant protein specially designed for specific conditions.

Clarifying Shampoo

Usually, these shampoos are drier to help with oily and greasy hair. Sometimes, excessive use of sprays and cream can create an oily and greasy texture. Clarifying shampoos contain an adequate amount of SLS, i.e., Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which helps remove the residual adverse effects of using hair spraying. It is advisable to use conditioners after the shampoo to get enough nourishment.

Volumizing Shampoo

As the name suggests, this was innovated to add more thickness or increase hair volume. It includes a lightweight formula to lower hair’s weight and lift the roots to give a fluffy & bouncy look.

Color Safe

Shampoos are specially created for people using dyed hair color, and they are conscious of the change in hair color due to applying shampoo. Color-safe shampoos are designed to maintain nourishment and hydration without fading the dye color. Moisturizing Shampoo

Key ingredients are shea & cocoa butter, aloe vera, and oils that collectively work to provide hydration to the hair and nourish the scalp & follicles. People having dry, frizzy hair can apply it to get enough moisture.


Dandruff on the hair scalp results from emerging yeast infections on the surfaces. One should not ignore it, as this fungus can feed sebum from the scalp and excrete waste products such as dandruff that make skin rough, itchy, and flaky. These anti-dandruff shampoos reduce the effect of fungal infection by providing a completely clean scalp.

Chlorine Removal

Swimmers face chlorine’s side effects on their hair; chlorine can swipe out the moisture from the hair. Shampoos designed for Chlorine removal reduce odor, remove chlorine-negative effects, and smoothen the hair.

Two-in-One shampoo

The unique property of this product is that it can give the benefit of shampoo & conditioners in one wash. Brands understand the problems people face in using these products one after another, so they made a formula that can provide the advantage of the two-in-one solution.


Washing your hair is a regular task as we walk out of the house and frequently attract too many dust particles. The market has multiple brands that sell shampoos & conditioners used for cleaning and nourishment. As a customer, you need first to understand your hair & scalp type and choose the products that suit your hair the most. You must ensure that your shampoo is free from harmful chemicals such as sulfate, quaternary ammonium,  silicones, polyethylene glycol, artificial fragrances, parabens & phthalates.

Among online platforms selling skin & hair care products, MD Factor is known for its well-tested natural product. One may pick up their MD® Revitalizing Shampoo & Conditioner for Men & Women, which promotes shiny & softer hair, is safe for color users & follicle enhancer. It includes natural ingredients like safflower, rapeseed, aloe vera, sacha inchi, hydrolyzed wheat protein, and chamomile.

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