What is Chakra Healing and Does Chakra Healing Really Work?


Chakra healing is a form of alternative medical practice that originated in ancient Hindu and Buddhist cultures. The word “chakra” in Sanskrit means “wheel” or “vortex” and refers to the seven main energy centers in the human body. These centers are said to regulate the flow of energy throughout the body and are believed to be responsible for our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

The seven main chakras are the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras. Each chakra is associated with specific physical and emotional issues and is said to govern different aspects of our lives. For example, the root chakra is linked to our sense of grounding and stability, while the heart chakra governs our ability to love and connect with others.

The goal of chakra healing is to restore balance and harmony to the chakras, which is thought to promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Chakra healing can take many forms, including meditation, visualization, aromatherapy, and physical practices like yoga and Mudras.

The best way to start is by checking, as to which of your chakras could be blocked or may need healing. This can be done by taking a small test of your current chakra status. One such site that seemed quite accurate and also allows you to take the test for free is Once you are able to identify your weakest chakra after this free test, you can begin by healing that particular chakra. For those interested, they also have resources handy, to help you heal that weakest chakra.

One common method of chakra healing is to use color therapy, which involves visualizing different colors associated with each chakra while meditating. For example, the root chakra is associated with the color red, so someone undergoing root chakra healing might visualize a bright red light surrounding this chakra. This is thought to stimulate the flow of energy and help balance the chakra.

Another method of chakra healing is the use of aromatherapy, where essential oils associated with each chakra are used to promote balance and harmony. For example, the root chakra is associated with the scent of earthy and grounding essential oils like sandalwood or patchouli, while the heart chakra is associated with floral and emotional oils like rose or lavender.

Yoga is also commonly used in chakra healing, as physical movements and postures can help stimulate the flow of energy in the body. Some chakra healers also use crystals and gemstones, which are believed to have specific properties that can help balance the chakras.

But does chakra healing actually work? The answer is a matter of personal belief and interpretation. While there is no scientific evidence to support the existence of chakras or the benefits of chakra healing, many people report feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally better after undergoing chakra healing. So experientially one can see that it works and not to mention, there are lots of healing methods that are yet to be proven scientifically, however, those who have undergone those treatments have consistently benefited and shared about the same.

Some people find that chakra healing helps them to feel more relaxed and focused, while others report improved sleep and reduced stress levels. There is also some evidence to suggest that chakra healing can help with physical pain and discomfort, as well as emotional issues like depression and anxiety. The same has indirectly helped many to enhance their financial stability and mental peace.

It is important to keep in mind that chakra healing is not a substitute for medical treatment, and should not be used in place of conventional medical care, especially during emergencies. However, with more and more people off-late, sharing their positive experiences through chakra healing, there is always merit for everyone to give it a shot, thereby, not missing out on its benefits. It may also help to note that most of these positive impacts being gradual and subtle, one need to keep at it and patiently continue the practice for a few months to truly benefit from chakra healing in its optimum potential.

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