What is the Importance of Professional Dental Cleanings?

cluse up of a professional dental brushing at the clinic

Professional dental cleanings are not just about your pearly whites. They are also important for your overall health. In fact, professional dental cleanings should be a part of your Grand Haven dental care for the various benefits it offers. First and foremost, professional dental cleanings help you to achieve a healthier mouth. 

Your general dentist or oral hygienist cleans your teeth and then removes any plaque that is still present on them. Tartar and plaque buildup can lead to health issues in the long run if it is not addressed properly. Professional dental cleaning sessions also include scaling and root planing, which is important for removing tartar that cannot be removed during your routine home care. 

In fact, professional dental cleanings are not just essential for an attractive smile. They are also important for your general health. Your Grand Haven dentist will advise you about how often you should visit them for a professional dental cleaning depending on your oral health condition.

Here are reasons why you need professional dental cleanings.

  • Healthy teeth and gums

Strong, healthy teeth do not happen on their own. You need to brush and floss regularly. However, the ability to remove tough plaque from your teeth is limited. This is where professional dental cleanings come in. Professional dental cleanings involve scaling instruments that have been specifically developed to remove plaque and tartar buildups on the tooth surfaces and along the gum line. These instruments thoroughly cleanse your teeth and gums, removing tartar buildup. This leaves you with healthier teeth and gum.

  • Stain prevention

Over time, plaque buildup causes teeth staining. Besides being unsightly, staining can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Professional dental cleanings prevent staining because they help remove plaque deposits on the teeth. You may have heard that home care products are effective against staining. However, home care products cannot remove the tough plaque deposits that accumulate over time. Even though regular home care is necessary, you should know that professional dental cleanings are just as important for maintaining good oral health.

  • Strengthening

Professional dental cleanings can help you strengthen your teeth. This is because you will not have to worry about tartar buildup and plaque accumulation. These two cause weakening of the enamel, which leads to teeth deterioration. However, professional dental cleanings help you get rid of tartar and plaque. This prevents erosion of the teeth and makes them stronger than they otherwise would be. 

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