Which Are The Highest Yield Strains Of Cannabis?


More states in the US are legalizing cannabis and also allowing people to grow cannabis at home. For many people who grow cannabis, yield is the most important factor.

Various things contribute to a great yield, like nutrients, natural or artificial light, and humidity. However, every plant’s genetic potential also determines the yield it will offer. Some plants are naturally small and produce a lesser quantity. But breeders have produced many different strains by cross-breeding common strains to achieve plants that can yield a lot.

This article looks at strains of cannabis that provide the highest yield.

1 – Big Bud

Big Bud is a cannabis strain that gives a huge crop yield. This indica dominant strain has an 85% indica genetic build.

Big Buds grown indoors in a hydroponic system give a significant yield. Flowering time ranges anywhere from seven to nine weeks. The yield will be much lower if the soil is used as the growing medium.

2 – Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a one of the most popular strain and is considered one of the best in the United States. Its popularity is mainly due to the huge yields it provides.

You can grow the strain indoors or outdoors, and it gives about 21 ounces per plant. The flowering time ranges from nine to ten weeks.

The THC content of Big Bud ranges from 15% to 26%. As it is an indica-dominant strain, Big Buds are great for managing pain experienced from fibromyalgia.

3 – Critical Mass

Critical Mass is a medium-sized plant that consistently produces big yields. Critical Mass strain produces yields of 650-750 g/m2. The strain is also known for the high level of THC it provides.

While growing Critical Mass, you will need to reduce humidity as the strain is vulnerable to molds. Outdoors, this strain grows well in a warm and sunny climate. Critical Mass flowers in about eight weeks when planted indoors.

4 – Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is a predominant sativa strain that is popular among users and growers. It provides high yields of 600-800 g/m2.

It has a THC of 17.49% and delivers instant sativa-leaning high, gradually complemented by rising euphoria and laidback all-day alertness. It relaxes the body and helps the brain to focus.

In conclusion, many strains provide great yield. When you invest your time and efforts in growing cannabis, you should find the best strains to reward you for your efforts and hard work. The strains mentioned in this list can all grow to provide bountiful yields.

If you wish to buy seeds of cannabis strains that provide you with a good yield in bulk, like the Big Bud Feminized variety, please visit United Strains of America.


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