Are online prescription weight loss supplements safe?


Online prescriptions have become rampant these days, especially with the rise of COVID-19. Now that people are staying at home most of the time, they find it safe, reliable, and effective to go for online prescriptions. Weight loss products, pills, and supplements are also purchased online. While there is nothing wrong with going online, can we consider them safe? Also, what is the efficacy like? Is the result going to be the same as getting a physical consultation? Let’s assess all of that here!

Are online pharmacies trustworthy?

The whole range of online pharmacies vending out drugs without prescriptions started in the year 2000. Thousands of pharmacies began opening their online stories. The format used by such pharmacies was similar to community pharmacies as well. The only difference was the process of requesting medicines and receiving them. Several people prefer going to online pharmacies as they are not just convenient but also affordable to some. Not just that, many online pharmacies have proven their efficacies over a period of time that have encouraged more and more people to trust their prescriptions. 

How do weight loss pills work?

Weight loss pills added in prescriptions are usually approved for long-term usage. They can definitely produce massive results if compiled with a healthy diet and workout plan. Expert suggests that lifestyle changes along with healthy medical is imperative if one wants to see greater results on the weighing scale. In the past year, people who have used online prescription weight loss supplements have been able to lose approximately 7 percent of their body fat. However, the journey does not end there. One has to continue their journey so that they can attain more health benefits like blood sugar, pressure, and triglyceride levels too.

What drugs are usually approved for weight loss?

Some of the drugs that are approved for weight loss include xenica, saxendra, qsymia, contrave, etc. A few weight loss drugs can also be provided to reduce appetite by promoting the feeling of satiety. Some of them can do both. The only exception here is orlistat as they can work by simply intervening with the process of fat absorption and accelerate the weight loss process. 

Overall, it would be safe to say that weight loss supplements are not the direct answer to losing weight. One has to make necessary lifestyle changes in order to shed fat and improve their health and wellbeing. Weight loss pills are only a part of the process. They have to be consumed along with a healthy diet & exercise plan in order to see the results. 

If you are planning to go for scripts online, doctor AI to help you out. Once you book a consultation with us, we will do a thorough check-up for you and provide you with medication that suits your medical preferences and needs. Not just that, we will do our part in an efficient and prompt manner so that it is easy, effective, and convenient for you.


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