Buckwheat Pillows – Its Uses And Benefits


Buckwheat hulls have been in use as pillow fillings for centuries. Buckwheat sounds like a kind of wheat but it is actually a flowering plant belonging to the Polygonaceae family. European settlers introduced the first crop Buckwheat in America, around 6000 BC. 

It is grown commercially for multiple reasons in New York’s the Northern States. Buckwheat is a perfect crop for short farming seasons. It is a great crop cover as it grows thickly and quickly preventing the growth of weeds. 

Buckwheat seeds are used in poultry and livestock feed. It is a great option for wheat flour. The seeds are gluten-free, so people suffering from gluten intolerance or celiac disease can use them. 

Buckwheat seed casings or hull is cleaned via roasting. It is used to stuff meditation cushions and pillows. In Japanese, Buckwheat pillows are called ‘Sobakawa Pillows’ 

Buckwheat hull pillows help to reduce nighttime allergies, offer better support, prevent overheating, and enhance sleep quality in comparison to foam or feather-filled pillows. The pillows are durable and a great option because they handle the temperature changes well. In winter, they offer warmth and in summer they keep you cool. The buckwheat hull filled in the pillow is loose, so it shifts to adapt to your shape. Thus offer exclusive support to the stomach, side, and back sleepers. 

In Japan and China Zafus are tiny, round seating cushions designed for meditation. 

Traditional Zafu cushions were stuffed with Kapok. It is the fiber got from Kapok trees seed pod. In China Kapok is harvested to be used for stuffing. Kopak fiber filling is popular for its lightness, strength, and water resistance. Currently, the Buckwheat hull has replaced Kapok fiber. 

Zafu cushions are placed on a big flat pillow called Zabuton. Zabuton is put on the floor as a base for the meditator. The zafu is placed on top of the Zabuton. Zabuton flat cushion offers support and comfort to the knees, ankles, and lower legs of the meditator. As the zafu pillow is positioned below the meditator’s hips, it gets elevated and increases motion range making the meditator comfortably kneel and stay stable in a specific position. 

While buying Buckwheat hull pillows or Sobakawa pillows or zafu meditation cushions check the packaging and labels. Ensure to choose a responsible company to avoid getting scammed. A few companies promote Sobakawa pillows filled with buckwheat hull but it is actually stuffed with tiny microbeads. Even be careful about unprocessed and dirty hulls used to fill the cushions. It can contain allergens in a high percentage, which can aggravate asthma attacks in people who are at risk. 

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