Common Dental Emergencies That Patients Must Not Ignore


While you might think dental emergencies are not so common, they occur almost daily to thousands of people. The causes f of dental emergencies can depend on various factors such as poor dental hygiene, underlying disease, genetics, etc. 

No matter the reason, if someone experiences pain or discomfort in their mouth, they must rush to an emergency dentist in Littleton immediately. Dental disease can be fragile and might worsen if it does not get the required treatment on time. 

In some cases, a dental emergency can also result from an accident resulting in a tooth or jaw injury. The first thing you must do after this accident is to head to the nearby dentist and get everything checked. 

Patients should never ignore some of the most common dental emergencies. 

  • Teeth infection 

Although infection in a tooth is quite common and several people go through it, if you notice its symptoms, you must not ignore it as it can lead to severe dental health issues. For example, a tooth infection can cause an abscess in your teeth, which means a section of puss is created in your teeth because of a bacterial disease. 

If someone does not treat the abscess right away, it can spread over and lead to severe dental health issues like damaging your gums and the nerve ending that connect your teeth to the jaw. To identify whether you have a tooth infection, you must look for symptoms like fever or constant tooth pain. 

Make sure you visit a dentist immediately when you notice a throbbing pain in your teeth that does not go away for days. 

  • Bleeding of teeth or gums 

If you notice bleeding in your mouth and haven’t been through any accident, it can mean you are suffering from gingivitis which is commonly known as gum disease. Although you must not panic about its immediate effect, you should still visit your dentist as soon as possible. 

Many people think bleeding of the gums can be related to gingivitis; however, in some cases, bleeding gums can be an early sign of oral cancer. So it is best to go and get it checked. 

  • A broken tooth or missing tooth 

Several reasons can cause a broken tooth; however, accidents or falls are the most common. For example, you might trip over a staircase, fall from a bicycle, or slip while walking on a slippery surface. 

The good news is you can still save your tooth from permanently creating a vacancy in your mouth if you act quickly. Tyr to reach your nearest dental facility center within 30 minutes of your accident to recover your dislodge tooth. 

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