Different Types of Materials from Which Dental Implants Are Made


You must have heard about many dental implants if you have been looking for treatments to replace your missing, broken, or damaged tooth. But have you wondered what these implants consist of? 

Dental implants are one the most versatile and long-lasting solutions for a missing tooth compared to other methods. One reason for this is the material these implants contain, which contributes majorly to the quality of the implants. 

Usually, dental implants comprise reliant materials that must withstand corrosion and fracturing. These implants can bear strong forces while biting complex substances like hard candy, nuts, etc.

If you are looking for a treatment that could help you replace your broken or missing tooth, you must contact a dentist to know about dental implants in Winder, GA, as soon as possible. A dentist will tell you about the appropriate treatment and the best possible solution for you. 

However, here are some materials from which dental implants are made. Understanding this will help you choose more robust and long-lasting implants. 

  • Titanium 

Titanium is a rigid metal and has been used in making dental implants for years. Titanium was first discovered for implants in 1950 because of its quality to act right within the jaw bone without altering it. 

When implanted in the jaw bone, titanium does not distribute the formation or foundation of the bone, keeping it intact. This quality helps the bone to preserve its original strength and quality, resulting in a long-lasting healthy tooth. 

Since titanium was discovered for making implants, it has been one of the most popular materials as it can last for a lifetime and avails for an affordable price. It is one of the most common metals used to make implants and is considered the best material. 

  • Zirconia 

While titanium is the older material, zirconia has just been discovered recently. Zirconia claims to be the best implant material of all time and is the future of dental implants. However, when it was launched, titanium was still the most preferred material and remains the same. 

However, the recent zirconia-made implants are becoming popular day by day. Many dental implants made from zirconia sit are cost-effective and rigid material to break. 

Which material is the best for dental implants?

Although both zirconia and titanium are pretty popular in the dental implants industry, people may prefer titanium over zirconia because of its traditionality and the trust it has built for several years. 

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