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There are times when diet and exercise alone cannot fix the loose skin around your tummy. Our skin is constantly changing, and the effects become more prominent with age and factors like pregnancy and weight loss. You need to contact a San Diego plastic surgeon to discuss the possibility of considering a tummy tuck. Considered one of the most effective ways of getting rid of loose skin. In this post, we are talking more about a tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty.

The initial consultation

Before you can consider abdominoplasty, your plastic surgeon will start with a one-on-one consultation. They will discuss your concerns, whether you are an ideal candidate for the procedure, and what can be effectively addressed through the procedure. You also get to ask questions, and it is vital to have a realistic understanding of the results.

What is involved in abdominoplasty?

Plastic surgeons may take one or more steps to address the cosmetic concerns related to your abs, which may include –

  1. Repositioning muscles: After pregnancy, your body changes drastically, and repositioning muscles is not possible with exercise alone. Your doctor will take steps to ensure that your tummy looks leaner and toned.
  2. Removing skin: If you have loose skin in the upper or lower abdomen, your surgeon will extract excess tissue, which helps get that firm look. When you have already lost significant weight already, a tummy tuck can give you the flat abs you always wanted.
  3. Removing small fat deposits: Please note that abdominoplasty is mainly about the steps listed above, but in some cases, the surgeon may consider removing smaller deposits to create a sleek look.

What is the recovery process like?

A tummy tuck is one of the safer procedures in plastic surgery, but you should follow the instructions of your surgeon for a quick recovery. You will need at least a week off from work and must continue the medications as suggested. You can resume most activities within four to six weeks.

Final word

It is okay to find yourself adjusting to your new body after a tummy tuck. The procedure doesn’t mean you can get away with diet and exercise, which are still essential to retain the benefits. You need to have an active lifestyle and must take steps to avoid belly fat. If you still have concerns, talk to your doctor about how to plan the surgery effectively and the risks you should worry about.

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