Questions to ask when consulting a general dentist in East Charlotte


People often have a distinct fear of dental visits. Sitting on that chair and watching the dentist use weird-looking tools and instruments can be overwhelming. However, regular checkups and cleanings are essential for healthy gums and teeth. If you are changing the practice or are meeting an East Charlotte general dentist for the first time, ensure you ask the questions listed below.

“What can you tell me about my teeth and gums?”

When you visit a dentist for the first time, they will do a complete oral exam to check if there are any concerns that need attention. It is common for patients to not have any symptoms despite having conditions such as gum disease or tooth decay. Oral exams, cleanings, and comprehensive evaluations are necessary every six months, and you should know about the findings.

“What can I do for better oral care?”

Dentists are expected to talk about preventive care, which is more than just about brushing and flossing. If you believe that you need assistance with oral care, don’t hesitate to ask questions. You are never too old to care better for your teeth and gums.

“What is your profile all about?”

General dentists usually complete dental school but may have advanced training and certifications too. You should know your dentist well, for which asking pertinent questions about their credentials is always a good idea. Don’t forget to ask about the procedures and treatments they specialize in.

“How many appointments do I need? What are my options?”

Whether you are dealing with teeth staining or something more serious like an infection of the pulp, you should know the various medical treatments and procedures you can consider. The dentist is expected to give all choices so that you make an informed decision. You should also ask about the number of sessions you need, which will help plan your schedule.

“Can you help me with emergencies?”

Not all clinics in East Charlotte can claim to specialize in emergency dental care. Still, if you can find someone who would prioritize you in urgent situations, that is always worth considering. Many practices don’t have a dedicated unit for emergencies, but the staff member can offer support and connect you with the dentist.

Lastly, ask the dentist if they accept your insurance plan. New policies cover a considerable number of procedures, and you should be able to save on dental appointments and treatments. 

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