How Much Time Do Veneers Need To Be Inserted?


It is possible that you have thought about getting dental veneers if you are self-conscious about the appearance of your smile (even famous people sometimes feel self-conscious about their teeth until they receive assistance from a cosmetic dentist).

These are an extremely popular and easy treatment for a wide variety of smile issues, such as having teeth that are chipped or broken, some that are malformed or too small or too big in comparison with nearby ones, and others that are too stained to react to standard whitening techniques. A dentist in Willowdale, North York, ON can help.

The Steps That Are Taken to Complete the Procedure

The first step is to have a comprehensive dental examination, during which your dentist will evaluate which of your teeth are visible when you grin broadly, as well as which of your other teeth could benefit from veneers. Of course, it is important that all those that show to have the same shade, so your dentist will work with you to select one matching the teeth adjacent to those that do not have veneers. Alternatively, you could whiten all of your teeth to a brighter shade and then ask that each veneer be produced with the same hue (veneers do not respond to whitening and repel stains).

Developing Brittle Veneers as a Stopgap Measure

Your dentist will make an impression cast of the teeth that will have veneers placed on them to construct a temporary version of the veneers that the patient can wear while they await the dental lab to craft the permanent veneers. If the interim ones provide a satisfactory level of comfort, the laboratory will move through with the process of developing the long-lasting versions, which can take anywhere from two to four weeks, depending on the quantity required.

Incorporating the Veneers into the Structure

When you come back, the teeth that are going to have veneers placed on them will be cleaned, cement will be brushed over the surface of each tooth, and then a special light will be used to firm the bond between the veneers and the teeth. That is all there is to it; hence, the entire process of giving you a new smile can be completed in a matter of just a few short weeks.

In addition, veneers can endure for ten years or even longer if the patient maintains proper oral hygiene, making them an extremely cost-effective solution.

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