Partial Dentures and Alloderm Graft: What are these dental procedures?


Dental treatments are very important when it comes to maintaining oral hygiene. The treatments stretch beyond just teeth whitening which is more of an aesthetic procedure. Despite that, teeth whitening also has health benefits like the gums becoming healthier and cleaner. 

Likewise, there are many other dental treatments that are more inclined towards medical urgencies. In this quick post, we will shed light on two very important dental procedures: Partial Denture and Alloderm Graft. Dive in to explore the details.

Partial Denture: What is it and do you need one?

If you still have some healthy teeth left despite missing many, you’re an eligible candidate for Partial Denture. 

Although dental bridges are equally popular options to fill the gaps left behind by missing teeth, they work only in cases where you’ve missing teeth on one side only. If both sides have missing teeth, your dentist will suggest getting a Partial Denture. 

Here are some interesting specifics.

  • Dentists suggest Partial Denture mostly if at least 3 consequent teeth are missing. 
  • Most partial dentures are removable. Hence, they’re also used as interim options when you’ve had multiple teeth removed. Since the gums can take up to 6 months to heal, dentists refrain from giving permanent dentures. In such cases, Partial Dentures are very helpful.  

Elite dental centers like Clinique Dentaire Saba dental center mostly use either resin material to make Partial Dentures and the other option is a mixture of chromium and cobalt. 

Alloderm Graft: What is it and do you need one?

If you’re suffering from issues such as gum recession, one of the most effective dental treatments is Alloderm Graft. 

Unlike autogenous graft which causes quite a lot of discomfort since it’s done using the tissues of the patient, Alloderm Graft uses tissues from another person. Hence, it’s a less invasive procedure that causes lesser discomfort. 

In this procedure, the dentist inserts a matrix material that triggers the formation of blood cells and soft tissues in the gum. As a result, the gums become strong and so do the teeth. 

  • There’s no visible scarring on the treated gum. 
  • It’s an excellent surgery to prevent gum loss. 
  • Once administered successfully, it puts an end to the gingival recession. 

Concluding Thoughts:

Both the aforementioned dental procedures have a high success rate. As long as the procedure is done by the finest hands, you’ll get the desired results without any hiccups. 

If you’re based in Quebec, You must check out the Clinique Dentaire website for many other advanced dental treatments they offer.  

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