What are the Benefits of Sylfirm X for Skin Rejuvenation


Sylfirm X is a Radio Frequency (RF) microneedling procedure that’s dual-wave, received FDA approval, and uses both continuous wave and pulsed wave technology to treat a variety of skin conditions.

It is among Singapore’s most adaptable, customizable, and potent RF microneedling devices, offering 8 distinct treatment modalities and a broad depth spectrum of 0.3 – 4.0mm. All skin types may be treated with Sylfirm X thanks to these qualities.

How Does Sylfirm X Work?

Sylfirm X uses RF heat treatment and microneedling to speed up the body’s natural healing processes. Even while RF skin regeneration and microneedling are both powerful collagen-activators on their own, using them together may provide results that are superior to those of the individual procedures.

Small needles in the Sylfirm X point are pressed into the surface of your skin to create microchannels in its deeper layers. With the needles, RF energy is sent into these channels, where it causes the controlled thermal effect.

Damaging the skin and subjecting it to RF heat only results in tiny micro-injuries. They are enough to start the body’s healing process and hasten the synthesis of vital skin proteins like elastin and collagen.

What Conditions May Sylfirm X Treat?

A variety of indications on your face and neck may be successfully treated with Sylfirm X in Singapore using a mix of pulsed waves and continuous wave, including

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), melasma, and poor skin tone.

Are You a Good Candidate for Sylfirm X?

Candidates for Sylfirm X must be in excellent physical condition and free from conditions that could impair immune function or interfere with blood coagulation. Alternative treatments may be more suitable for individuals who are susceptible to keloid scars.

Before RF microneedling, the treatment region’s skin irritation and open wounds need to be treated. Patients with persistent skin disorders including psoriasis, eczema, or severe acne might not want to have Sylfirm X treatments.

How Many Appointments Will I Need?

The majority of patients see skin improvement after only one therapy session. Due to ongoing collagen regeneration brought on by the therapy, the skin should continue to become better for the following 10 to 12 weeks.

The majority of patients may need 3 to 6 treatments, depending on their specific skin issues, for the best results. The time between treatments is around 4-6 weeks. A 30-minute therapy session lasts for each patient.

Are there Side Effects?

Following the Sylfirm X treatment, mild swelling and skin redness are frequent; these side effects usually go away within a matter of hours.

In the first week or two after melasma therapy, the pigmentation would initially seem somewhat darker and redder.

Skin redness and inflammation may go away after 1-2 days depending on the severity of the scar and the skin tightening procedure.

Is It Painful?

The Sylfirm X treatment is tolerable. To lessen pain, a numbing gel will be administered before the procedure. The majority of patients feel little or no pain. The therapy may cause a little tingling or pressure feeling.

Can I Use Sylfirm X Together With Other Treatments?

To address various skin issues, Sylfirm X may be used in conjunction with other energy procedures and injectable treatments. The following therapies are often used in conjunction with Sylfirm X:

Profhilo: for general skin renewal and collagen synthesis

BTX Treatments – for wrinkles and fine lines

For skin tightening and lifting, use HIFU or Ultherapy.

For scars, pores, and skin discoloration, use the Pico laser.

Fractional laser treatment for scars and pores

Is Sylfirm X Safe?

This treatment is safe. The majority of patients resume their normal daily routines and jobs right away following the Sylfirm X procedure.

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