What Are The Best Non-Surgical Treatments For Acne Scars?



Treating acne is difficult enough, but what follows needs trial and error. Yes, we are referring to acne scars. There are several acne scar treatments available to reduce the look of scars, ranging from over-the-counter medicines to home cures. However, some might not be suitable for the skin, and patience is required.

What Are The Different Acne Scar Types?

Boxcar Scars

These are identical to rolling scars, except they’re U-shaped, have sharp edges, and are broader. Based on your scarring, this sort of scar might be shallow or deep.

Ice Pick Scars

These scars are readily recognized from other types of scars because they’re pitted with oval or round holes. It’s also narrow and V-shaped. Ice-pick scars are tough to cure because they go deeper compared to the surface of the skin.

Rolling Scars

These scars have a wavy or irregular look and generally have rounded borders.

Hypertrophic Scars

Hypertrophic scars are generated by too much production of collagen once the skin heals. It usually happens in the chest and back. Hypertrophic scars are distinguished by the fact that they extend from the skin’s surface.

What Causes Acne Scarring?

In most cases, acne scars, pimple scars, acne marks, or pockmarks are created by enlarged pores and inflamed lesions that leave a breach in the follicular wall. When the body tries to mend itself by generating new fibers of collagen to replace the injured tissue, the results aren’t always as smooth and faultless as previously. When a wound heals, the body may create too little or too much collagen, resulting in elevated tissue or an indentation on the surface of the skin. Several patients are anxious about whether or not these pockmarks could be erased. Regrettably, the majority of them don’t diminish with time, however, acne scars can fade when treated properly.

What are Your Acne Scar Treatment Options?


It’s the most popular acne scar treatment, wherein the medical practitioner exfoliates the skin with the use of a wheel device or wire brush. This procedure is appropriate for patients who have superficial boxcar scars or rolling scars. However, it also reduces the appearance of deep scars.

Laser Resurfacing

For each form of acne scar, laser resurfacing is the ideal acne scar therapy. It exfoliates the top skin layer and promotes collagen formation, comparable to chemical peel and dermabrasion treatments. Furthermore, it has a shorter recovery period, lasting just a week following treatment. Furthermore, you may see an instant difference after only one session. Fractional CO2 lasers and Pico lasers are the two most often utilized lasers in Singapore. The former is used for treating acne scars on the forehead and cheeks, whilst Pico laser is used for treating acne scars, and wrinkles, and decreasing the appearance of pores.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels include acid that dissolves the skin’s top layer and are effective for all forms of acne scars, particularly deeper scars. Furthermore, it may be used with other acne scar therapies, like laser resurfacing, to provide the best outcomes. After three chemical peel treatments, you might see obvious results.


Fillers are often used for treating individuals who have obvious acne scars like boxcar or rolling scars. Furthermore, fillers may be constructed of commercial gel that resembles collagen or your fat. It was then administered to the desired region. The effect is practically instantaneous, with the skin seeming smoother and plumper. Fillers often last up to eighteen months before needing to be replaced.

RF Microneedling

RF microneedling is an acne scar therapy that uses electricity to mend the skin from the inside. This therapy is appropriate for treating depressed acne scars.


To reduce the appearance of acne scars, the medical specialists would implant a needle into the skin to release the collagen fibers. This minimally invasive process allows the customer to see quick and noticeable effects. Furthermore, this therapy is appropriate for persons with deep and raised acne scars.


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